Historical Announcement

Dennis Kucinich Announces His Independence

Independent Candidate for Congress, OH-7.
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
January 24, 2024

The Bible teaches us that “a House Divided against itself, cannot stand." (Mark 3:25).    Abraham Lincoln warned, almost one hundred and sixty-six years ago about the dangers of political polarization, how it could collapse our nation. 

Washington, D.C. today is a House Divided by partisanship, by special interest groups and by war.  Sharp divisions are seen within the parties and between the political parties, often producing gridlock which is damaging to our national security. 

Members on both sides of the aisle are engaged in partisanship so bitter and so divisive that the American people are losing faith in their government.  Partisan battles are diverting attention from the needs of the people. Service to our nation must be superior to service to a political party.

Matters of great economic importance to the American people, war, inflation, the deficit, the cost of food, shelter, energy, housing, child care, education, and retirement security are affecting every family. 

The people’s economic concerns, national and border security will be the focus of our campaign and of my work in Congress. 

I am announcing my candidacy for the United States House of Representatives from Ohio's 7th District, as an Independent, because I am uniquely able to reach in and to help to heal the partisan divide, to bring people together and to help reestablish the sense of. unity which is the essence of who we are as the UNITED States. 

The 7th District is familiar territory.  I represented over 20 Cuyahoga County communities in this district for 16 years, constituting approximately 45% of the present district.  Except this time, only my name will be on the ballot, no label, just Dennis J. Kucinich.  I have a bond of trust with the voters which goes far beyond party labels.

Throughout those years, I formed a working relationship with each and every community, without regard to partisanship.  And, as a result, we were able to achieve great things, saving Cleveland’s steel mill, saving a community hospital, diverting potentially dangerous rail traffic away from heavily populated areas, saving Defense Finance jobs, protecting the NASA-Glenn Research Center, and more. 

There are generations of people who live in the 7th congressional district, in Cuyahoga County and beyond, whose lives were helped by my political independence and by the service-conscious work of my congressional staff. 

The moment is crucial.  America is at the threshold of a wide war in the Middle East.  We have a $34 trillion budget deficit which portends approaching fiscal ruin for our nation.  My experience in rooting out waste, fraud and abuse will help protect the U.S. Treasury.  My experience in protecting America from foreign entanglements is crucial. 

Many of you will remember that in the wake of 9/11, I warned against venturing into war against Iraq.  Had the Administration and Congress listened then, America would have saved the lives of thousands of our service men and women, spared the lives of a. million Iraqis, prevented the waste of over $3 trillion and slowed its involvement in further wars in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. 

I have demonstrated proven foresight in matters of international affairs as well as the domestic economy, which I will bring back to Congress to help both Democrats and Republicans alike to think anew about America’s challenges.

Now, more than ever, America needs in Congress persons of experience and integrity, good will and political independence, to guide our nation through these difficult times.

In a closely divided Congress, as an Independent, my vote will become pivotal, the 7th District of Ohio will become one of the most important districts, and members of both parties will become well aware of the needs and priorities of my constituents.   

I have the experience, the energy, the knowledge, the temperament and the willingness to serve my community and our nation, once again, to help heal the divisions in our nation by thoughtfully engaging individual members across the political spectrum, on a daily basis, as I did in the past.

I look forward meeting once again the people in northern Ohio, young and old, to visit them in their homes and neighborhoods, in cities, suburbs and rural areas, in farms and factories, in their places of work and worship, where they meet and play, and go to school. This is a people’s campaign, so I ask for your involvement.  Please go to www.kucinich.com to see how you can help.

My public service has been an active expression of the tradition of government of the people, by the people and for the people.  I believe that trust in the goodness of the American people is key in restoring people’s faith in government and sets us on the path to unity.  People know I can be trusted to stand up for their interests.  God Bless the United States of America.

Thank you.