Theo Talcott

  • commented on Connect with Dennis: 2023-11-16 20:00:31 -0500
    Dear Dennis,

    Please run for President in 2024. We need an anti-war leader to vote for!

    Now is the perfect time for an anti-war candidate to run for President who has the courage to speak out for Gaza during a genocide. Thank you for your statement recently. It was a delight to hear your speak out. You are pretty much the only well-known US politician who has done that, and that’s a real karmic victory for you.

    Consider running with the People’s Party. You could formally launch a new party that doesn’t take corporate money. We need a new wild-card political party. The beltway insiders don’t want the rabble to have our own vehicle. Now we have an opportunity to unite left and right against the duopoly’s war march. The People’s Party represents the opportunity of a new unsettling force to oppose the duopoly’s stranglehold on elections. Let’s open the gates for a new generation of activists to run for office directly from on-the-street movements.

    Thanks for speaking at the Rage Against the War Machine and calling out Biden’s violation of international law with Nordstream.

    Good luck and God’s speed to you! Om Aurobindo namaha, Theo Talcott