Kucinich Scores "Mixed-Up" Max Miller

Kucinich Scores "Mixed-up" Max Miller:

"Gives Biden $95 BILLION in Taxpayer $$$$ 

For More War, Then Bites President’s Hand."

Miller Resolution Condemns President…and Himself

For Immediate Release

CLEVELAND, May 14 (Tues.) - -  Former U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich challenged Rep. Max Miller on his stated intention to bring a resolution to Congress this week condemning the Administration for pausing the delivery of high-impact munitions, as its ally in the Middle East contemplated a full-scale attack on over a million people in Rafah. 

”Since, Mr. Miller has been demonstrably supportive of President Biden’s agenda in the Middle East, he’s condemning himself,” Kucinich said.   

"However, Mr. Miller  has continuously jeopardized Israel's security and legal standing by publicly invoking genocidal rhetoric which violates international law, such as:  "We are going to turn Gaza into a parking lot..."  He called for Gaza to be "eviscerated," and predicted it "would go away soon."     

"Mr. Miller would censor anyone who criticizes him.  He has aligned himself with the extreme, deadly actions of the most fanatical elements of the Knesset who openly advocate  ethnic cleansing and genocide,"  Kucinich said.

'Miller's statements consistently violate international law, i.e., the Convention on the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide, Article III, Section C, and violate the First and Fourth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, as well as defying  common sense,"  Kucinich said. 

"One week MIller gives President Biden $95 BILLION to pursue endless wars and conduct warrantless spying and the next week condemns him for not supplying the bombs fast enough!  Whoa.”  

"It is not in America's interest to be spending endless dollars to pursue endless wars and further build our crushing national debt.  Mixed-up Max seems to be confused about who he is representing.  What Miller represents is war to the Max, spying to the Max, spending to the Max, debt to the Max, and censorship to the Max.” 

"Miller is fond of bringing special-interest legislation to the floor of the House to condemn people.  How about condemning inflation, reckless spending and the high cost of housing, food, energy, and medical care?”

"The people of the 7th Congressional District, many of whom are struggling with inflation and trying every day to get by, to make ends meet, deserve a representative who will place their needs first.”

"America needs congressional representatives which will place our nation's interests above all other countries.  I'm well-prepared to advise the end of wars, and to defend the economic needs and the Constitutional rights of the American people," Kucinch concluded.

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